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anticipation for the adventure that lay ahead.


Early the next morning, everybody was up before dawn, sitting on the deck ready to set sail for Inhaca island.  (We were all glad to get out of Maputo harbor - as it still shows signs of war, with ship wrecks still in the harbor).


On our way to the island we sailed over a small reef.  Our skipper Rob, suggested that we could attempt our first dive there. We did not wait for a second invitation and after a short dive briefing, the signal to descend was given and we were on the way to the bottom.  At 18m, there was no reef and the viz. was less than a meter, so we decided not to stay around in those conditions and abandoned the dive, with a total dive time of 5 minutes.  We were all onboard the yacht and on the way to the island again.


On our way there, we had a light breakfast (some of us weren’t too feeling well).  That afternoon we anchored at the southern part of the island, and enjoyed some snorkeling and lazing in the sun, while others did some bird watching and a few tried to catch up on their reading.  That night we were treated to prawns prepared by one of the crew members.


The following morning, cured of sea sickness, we had a large breakfast while on the way to Baxia de Nai, a reef on the north side of the island.  Visibility on the reef was 30m+, with fish life so abundant, you did not have to swim, you merely had float in one spot and look around.


The days that followed were spend diving on the surrounding reefs and ship wrecks. The one wreck, which was of great interest to us, was an old steamer that hit the reef at the turn of the century during a stormy night, and still remains fairly intact. It was so long that the reef was named after the ship.  Some ‘EXQUISITIVE’ (excellent for the people who do not know Hannes) dives were made on the reef. Fish life included zambezi sharks, whales, whale sharks, dolphins and mantas, to name a few.


A day was spent in the bay on Portuguese island as strong winds outside the bay would have made it unpleasant to go sailing. This gave some of us a chance to catch up on reading, while others did some island exploring, with the rubber duck.


Our days lazed away and soon it was our last day. After some excellent dives around the island, we anchored in front of the hotel and asked the yacht hand to take us to the island where we enjoyed 2/M for the last time.  We all returned to the yacht full of laughter.  Thinus entertained us that night with jokes and we all joined in on some karioke, while Dennis made sure everything was captured on video.


To everybody that made the trip a success (was there ever a trip from Underwater Adventures, not a success?) thank you and remember to join us on the long weekend in September when we are going to Aliwal shoal - book with Chris.


To all the others that could not make the trip, call Chris so we can book for another unforgettable trip