Once certified, always qualified? Don't count on it.

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Text Box: Are You Dive-Ready?

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At Underwater Adventures we try to do things a little different. Early in January we are going to have a sheep on the spit to welcome every body in the new jear and to discus al the courses and trips for the year. Angelique will inform everybody of the date and the venue. We also plan a social gathering at the end of each month at different venues.

Important trips for this year that you can plan for, end of February Aliwal Shoal, long weekend and school holidays in March and April Morongulu and Pomene in Mozambique. The Red Sea trip for this year is going to be from the 21 of July to the 28 of July.

(You can secure your place on the trip by paying your dep as soon as possible.) September is raggie rave at Alliwal-shoal, make sure not to miss out on the fun.

December is Inhacha Island time on the sail yacht .If you are interested in any of the above trips you can contact us so we have numbers to work with and to make sure if it worth planning the trip.

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You're finally packed for that dive vacation you've been planning all year. As you slip your C-card in your wallet, you wonder, "How long has it been since I last dived? Oh well. It'll all come back to me once I'm in the water. Unlike tennis or running, the consequences of a long layoff from diving can be more severe than a sore elbow or a sprained ankle.

If you haven't been in the water for a while, you have two choices: get ready to dive before you go, or waste precious dive time retraining when you get there. Here's how to be prepared for diving so you don't waste one day or Rand of your hard-earned vacation:

Got your C-card?

Not taking your C-card usually means an expensive call to the certification agency and a delay of one to three days before you can dive. Quick solution: Clip a second C-card (advanced or speciality) to your ID or order a replacement open-water card. Study at home.