Present day: Breakfast at Sebastian's (Aliwal Shoal).

We just finished our first dive of the day at Aliwal Shoal, had a nice warm shower and we are sitting on the deck overlooking the sea awaiting our ordered breakfast. For some it was there first dive in the sea, and how lucky they were to do their first dive with the raggies. I remember that it took me two years before I saw my first shark.So now I have about 60 minutes to wait for our2nd dive of the day.

Now what ?

What can we talk about? Course Review, Dive Trips, Medicalstuff.

Letís see. What happened? What happened ? A great idea you say?

In March/April we went to the Pomene in Mozambique for our annual feast on crab, prawns and exquisite diving. One of the party even made the remark that we donít have to travel all the way to the Red Sea to enjoy great diving, this is just as good.

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By the time that you fellow divers receive this issue of your newsletter we are in the middle of winter. This does not mean that you have to stay at home nice and cosy under your duvet in front of the TV. We are planning some interesting excursions. Read your newsletter to find out about our plans and join us on our social evenings.

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