During the Open water training , conducted over two days , you’ll apply the knowledge you’ve learned as you develop  your rescue skills .



The purpose of the PADI Wreck Diver specialty course is to familiarize divers with the skills , knowledge , planning ,organization , procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and excitement of diving on wrecks. The Wreck Diver specialty course is intended as a safe , supervised introduction to diving on wrecks.


The goals of the PADI Wreck Diver Training are:

a) To develop practical knowledge of the underwater wreck environment

b) To raise awareness of the historical value of wrecks ,and of social and legal issues surrounding that value.

c) To enable the student to plan and organize dives to safely explore wrecks found within depths and condition as good as or better than those he is been trained in.


To enroll for the course you must be a PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER Diver or equivalent, and minimum age of 15 years .


You need to do 4 dives the course can be done over 2 days. It is a good idea to combine the course with the NITROX course.



The purpose of the PADI NITROX course is to familiarize di

vers with the procedures , safety protocols ,hazards , risks, benefits and theory of no decompression diving with oxygen enriched air containing 22% to 40% oxygen .

The prerequisite for the course has changed, to enroll in this course you can now  be an Ow diver or equivalent with an minimum age 15 years. The course can be done over 2 days, it is the only course that you can do your practical with any other specialty course. combine it with the Night diver specialty and save money)


If you are heavy on air, it is a good idea to enroll on the next course. Some time in August. If you are interested give us a call to book your place.


There are two enriched air training dives required for certification which can be done in in one day or if you combine it with the night diver specialty, you can do it in one weekend at Bass Lake.