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you will be able to buy all your toys in the convenience of your home with the click of a button, and delivered straight to your door within 24 hours. You will also be able to do your dive planning and reservations on the web, so no more phone calls from me to ask you if you are joining us on the trip. According to our webmaster it won’t be long now.  


At  the end of November we went to Aliwal Shoal for Advanced training and for casual diving. We also did one dive at Landers which is a new site about 20km south of Aliwal shoal. What a great site this is.


The launch is not as easy as at the Shoal, but the diving make up for the launch. The reef consist of three sites where you can dive. The site that we dived on is in the shape of a pinnacle with the deepest point at 40m and the top of the pinnacle at 21m which make it a great multilevel dive. An ideal dive for the Advanced divers)


The reef is colorful with a lot of plate  and soft coral with huge ferns in abundance. A site definitely to  dive on again.


The accommodation that we used was log cabins. Each cabin overlooking the sea and the lagoon with a safe boardwalk to the beach. An ideal place for the non divers in the family to catch up on the lost sleep and sun tan while we dive.


Although we were not in Mozambique we had a feast on prawns at the restaurant (24 big ones for R50) NOT TOO BAD!





For the year 2002 we are planning 3 trips to the Red Sea. From 29 June– 6 July we are staying on the El Faseem boat for the best diving and fun. Then we are also doing a camel and jeep safari in the Red Sea which will bring you to all the remote dive sites in the Red Sea on camel back. A trip worth saving for. The date for that one is 4-11 July. You can do the trip on the boat and then the camel safari back to back and safe on the air ticket, or just the boat or camel safari. Then we are going to get on the boat again for another week of  live aboard safari. The dates are from the 13-20 July 2002. Book now to avoid disappointment. You can pay for your trip using your  credit card. Yes you heard right,  we have got credit  facility now as well. So no more excuses of not being able to join us on a trip. You will even be able to do it on the website. The address is going to be www.unwatad.com We are also going to Mozambique and not to forget Aliwal Shoal for our shark diving.


On the planner you can see that we start of with our opening function ,which is going to take the form of a sheep braai again. We hope to see more new faces this year at our monthly social gatherings.