If your love of diving interests you in a full or part time diving career, the PADI divemaster course is your first step. This course develops your dive leadership abilities by expanding your diving theory knowledge to a professional level and by training you to supervise diving activities, serve as an underwater guide, assist with divers in training,  boat handling and beach control skills. It is also enjoyable, deeply rewarding and has lasting consequences on the safety of diving in general

The PADI medic first aid course is a program both for divers and non divers that teaches CPR and First Aid.  This revolutionary course teaches you the lifesaving emergency skills and standards of care used by paramedics, but at the layman

Text Box: PADI Medic First Aid

The PADI Medic First Aid Course consist of:-


2 Practical Lectures




The Course Fee is R350.00 which includes:-










PADI Medic First Aid Course kit




PADI International Registration

Although this course is compulsory to further your diving career, it will also be beneficial in every day life!!!

The PADI Divemaster Prerequisites:-


Certified Rescue diver or equivalent with 20 logged dives to enter, 60 logged dives needed to exit, plus MFA .

The Course Fee is R2 500.00 which includes:-



DM Manual






8 Lectures, Pools Sessions and  inland qualifying dives

Fees Exclude:-


PADI Membership fees, Gear hire, Transport, PADI Diving Knowledge workbook & Encyclopaedia